Timelines, Planning and Projecting

We encourage our homeowners to visit during these processes in order to own the experience. You can take photographs and post them to your friends and family and celebrate in the joy of homebuilding.

Homebuilding can be stressful. At Casa Adobe Builders, we strive to ease your mind and assure you that when it’s over you will be totally in love with your new home. With our detailed planning and projecting, we make sure you are always kept up to date. General Contractor, Todd Lane will not make any promises he can’t keep.

The actual building project can take anywhere from five to nine months. The preliminary work of finding a lot, working with the architect and engineers can also take up to six months or more. Then there is landscaping which we can provide as well and have relationships with many landscape designers here in the Springs.

Once you add all this up realistically, the process of scribbling a dream home on a piece of paper to moving into a brand new completely landscaped home could take up to two years. We are realists and we want to convey this to our new homeowners.

If you interested please contact: or call 719-210-5746 to set up an appointment to discuss your dream home.

Lot Selection

Here at Casa Adobe Builders, we can work with your realtor or one of our preferred realtors to help you find the best lot for your dream home. We will provide a thorough building plan and timeline so that you are informed of the day-to-day progress of your project. Your level of involvement depends on you.

The Process

You will watch in awe as your lot is dug to specifications, optimal landscaping and drainage—we have access to some of the best excavators in the state. Once your lot has been dug, our foundation experts will pour your foundation and supporting walls. Our framers are master craftsmen with decades of experience. This process is extremely fast and in a few weeks your home will begin to take shape.